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The members of the Altano Group share a common understanding of quality, professionalism, and cooperation. We are committed to the very highest standards of veterinary care.Our clinics and practices remain operationally autonomous and can concentrate on what is really important – treating and caring for their patients. Because our top priority is the welfare of animals.

Membership Benefits

  • Operational Autonomy
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Training and Further Education
  • Team Spirit
  • Exploiting Synergies
  • Bundling of Skills
  • Investments
  • Succession

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Our Management Team

Lisa Floyd
Chief Operating Officer
Lisa Floyd’s primary focus at Altano North America is supporting and assisting with overall operations through the development and implementation of effective systems, policies, processes, and teams needed to manage current activities, growth, and future expansion at both the practice level, as well as network-wide.  Prior to joining Altano North America, she was responsible for overseeing the overall operations at Hagyard Equine Medical Institute. As a member of Altano North America’s remote management team, Lisa resides on a small farm in Central Kentucky.
Chris Berezowski
Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Berezowski's primary focus as Chief Medical Officer of Altano North America is to support the veterinary medical aspect and business development of the practices working alongside the Lead Vet(s) to ensure high medical standards, knowledge exchange and synergies, and supporting procurement throughout the overall region. Dr. Berezowski works out of Moore Equine Veterinary Centre in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, which he has been a part of since 2005. His clinical work focuses on equine reproduction and sport horse practice. Prior to joining Moore Equine, Dr. Berezowski completed an equine reproduction residency at Texas A&M and became board-certified in 2005. He also successfully passed the ABVP equine board examination in 2008. Prior to attending Texas A&M, Dr. Berezowski completed a one-year internship at Alamo Pintado Equine Medical Center in California. He also enjoys the business aspect of veterinary medicine and completed an MBA at the University of Calgary Haskayne School of Business in 2019. Dr. Berezowski grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan, and currently, he's lucky to call Calgary home.
Mike Pownall DVM, MBA
Chief Development Officer; Vice President of Strategy, Mergers and Acquisitions
As the Chief Development Officer of Altano North America, Dr. Mike Pownall fosters relationships with prospective veterinary practices while also supporting the international and North America network in business mastery techniques to help develop exceptional practice cultures, teams and businesses. Dr. Pownall works out of McKee Pownall Equine Services (MPES) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. After graduating from Ontario Veterinary College in 2001, Dr. Pownall and his wife, Dr. Melissa McKee, started MPES in 2002. He received his MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business at Western University in Ontario and was the class valedictorian. Dr. Pownall presents internationally on business strategy, human resources, pricing, and marketing for veterinarians. He also contributes to numerous journals on business management topics and hosts the monthly AAEP Practice Life Podcast.
Ameet Patil
Chief Financial Officer
As the Chief Financial Officer of Altano North America, Ameet Patil brings over 20 years of diverse experience in driving financial strategy, enhancing operational efficiency, and fostering sustainable growth across various industries. Ameet's primary focus will involve leveraging financial insights to drive informed decision-making and foster a culture of accountability and transparency within the organization. Ameet received a bachelor's degree in finance from James Madison University and an MBA from Georgetown University. As a member of Altano North America's remote management team, Ameet resides just outside of Washington, DC.
Richard Markell DVM, MRCVS, MBA
Vice President of Strategy, Mergers and Acquisitions
With an extensive career in practice including sports medicine consulting, education, several years as a US Olympic Showjumping Team Vet and Treating Vet for many World Cup and International competitions, his focus on innovative medical care is at the core. While he regularly cared for many of the top equine athletes in the world, he still says the most valuable horses he cares for are the therapy horses in a large program where he volunteers weekly. In addition, he received his MBA in 2019 from Rady School of Management, University of California San Diego where he leaned into healthcare systems and innovation as a way to better understand and navigate the changing veterinary profession.  As a member of Altano North America’s remote management team, Richard resides in San Diego, California.
Cassidy Larkin
Network Operations Manager
As the Network Operations Manager of Altano North America, Cassidy Larkin brings over 25 years of diverse experience in equine and small animal veterinary medicine, including multi-site operational support experience with equine practices across the US. Her primary focus will be to provide operational support to practices across North America. Cassidy is driven by her love of horses and is motivated by teamwork and collaboration. Her approach is to empower local leaders to excel in operational execution, people management, innovation, business strategy, and culture development. As a member of Altano North America's remote management team, Cassidy lives in Arizona.
Bryce Morgan
Network Veterinary Technician
As the Network Veterinary Technician, Bryce Morgan provides veterinary technician and anesthesia support to practices within the Altano North America network, in addition to developing training programs and assisting with training veterinary and anesthesia technicians. Bryce started her position as the Network Veterinary Technician, following six years of employment at Desert Pines Equine Medical and Surgical Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. As a member of Altano North America’s remote management team, Bryce resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.  
Jamie O' Flynn
Director of Talent Acquisition
Jamie O’Flynn is the Director of Talent Acquisition for Altano North America. While Jamie’s primary focus is to support the Altano North America’s network by developing recruiting pathways, she also helps with marketing strategies and events. Prior to joining Altano North America, Jamie worked for almost two decades at Hagyard Equine Medical Institute, where she established contacts both on the national and international level with veterinary schools, equine and animal science programs, and veterinary assistant and technician programs. She has been fortunate to work with leaders in the veterinary field and develop exceptional externship and internship programs. As a member of Altano North America’s remote management team, Jamie resides in central Kentucky on a Thoroughbred farm. Please contact Jamie, if you are interested in furthering your career with a position at one of the practices in the Altano North America network.
Jason Robinson
Jason Robinson manages accounting and finance for Altano North America and helps to support these functions at the network practice level. Jason owned and ran his own CPA firm and brings the expertise and experiences of many different industries to the team. As part of Altano North America’s remote management team, Jason resides in Belmont, North Carolina.
Dawn Shouse
Head of Employee Experience

Dawn's primary focuses at Altano North America include employee engagement, non-doctor recruitment, retention, and talent development, as well as various special projects. Prior to joining the team, Dawn worked with companies of all sizes from numerous industries, ranging from Fortune 200 to non-profits to private and family-owned, bringing expertise in building extraordinary teams that engage, unify, communicate, and work well together. Dawn was born and raised Kentuckian and resides in Louisville, Kentucky.

An Strickland
Regional Staff Accountant
As a Regional Staff Accountant for Altano North America, An's primary focus is supporting network practices with day-to-day accounting needs by working directly with practice bookkeepers. An's enthusiasm for accounting blossomed during her tenure at a financial institution, motivating her to pursue further education in the field and become proficient as a bookkeeper. An successfully obtained a bachelor's degree in Accounting with a minor in Information Technology from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Concurrently, she secured her initial accounting role in the manufacturing sector, where she honed her skills and expertise. An resides in North Carolina, enjoying tranquil beaches and breathtaking mountains.
Mandy Tanner
Director of Human Resources
Mandy Tanner’s primary focus is developing Human Resources related processes and procedures to support the Altano North America network with practice-level Human Resources needs. Mandy is a lifelong equestrian with experience working in the commercial Thoroughbred industry. Prior to joining Altano North America she was the Human Resources Manager at Hagyard Equine Medical Institute. As a member of Altano North America’s remote management team, Mandy resides in central Kentucky.